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Bearpaw Client Success on Black Bears

Black Bear Spring 2003

  • Bill johnson (left), Doug Mease (middle), and Vaughn Sell (right) pose with 2 brown phase black bears and 2 black bears. (57KB)
  • Deny Bogart with a massive 7'5" black bear. (47KB)
  • Jim Nelson with his 6'10" booked Pope & Young black bear. (57KB)
  • Another 7'0" book Pope & Young black bear taken by Mike Kiel. (72KB)
  • Big black bears in the Peace Country at 7'10" taken by Bill Clous. (67KB)
  • Pete Wocek with his 7'6" book Pope & Young black bear. (32KB)

Black Bear Spring 2002

  • Dennis Pendleton with magnificent 7'7" black bear. (97KB)
  • Another 7'8" back bear for Dennis Pendleton. Right time, right place! (74KB)
  • A 400lb, 7'5", 19 7/8, black bear taken by Eric Christopherson. (65KB)
  • Guide Chris Broster with James Lugo and his giant 7'5", 400lb black bear. (61KB)
  • Father and Son Jim and Dan Studer took 2 monster black bear boars. (82KB)
  • Tom Haese and Tim Gattenby with a couple of super black bears. (62KB)
  • Tom Haese and Mike Waters with a couple of our nice average sized black bears at 6'4" and 6'5". (90KB)
  • James Werner with his 6'7" black bear. (69KB)
  • How about this 7'5", 400lb black bear for John Shultz. (97KB)

Black Bear Fall 2001

Black Bear Spring 2001

  • Brent Taylor, Jack Dillon and Mike Salmon with 4 beautiful Black Bears.
  • Jack Dillon with one of his two 7' Black Bears.
  • Check this Out! Dino Prodromakis's 7'5" and Matt Comas's 6'8" Black Bear.
  • Grand Black Bear 7'5" 400lbs taken by Mike Franko.
  • A 7 1/2 foot giant Black Bear with 19" skull taken by Ed Gangle.

Black Bear Fall 2000

  • Steve Napier and Daryl Drynan with our best Black Bear 485 lbs., 7'10" and 20 1/2" skull. (41KB)
  • Blonde colored 6'6" Black Bear harvested by Steve Griffin. (33KB)
  • Randy Mize and Ed Bain with grand pair of 7' Black Bears. (33KB)
  • Giant boar Black Bear at 7'2" taken by Jeff Tarsi. (30KB)
  • Robert Hillimore with a brown phase Black Bear at 7' with 20" skull. (34KB)

Black Bear Spring 2000

  • Bearpaw again delivers five quality trophy Black Bears (54KB)
  • Three seven foot giant Black Bears in one evening (62KB)
  • Bob Larson with 2nd Pope & Young Black Bear in two evenings of hunting (53KB)
  • Ricardo Borja from Mexico with his 6'8" Black Bear (53KB)
  • Tim Shaeffer with another seven foot giant Black Bear (54KB)
  • Bearpaw delivers, as Ken Faith has harvested 9 Black Bears at the 7' mark (46KB)
  • Earl Kochel with a spring Black Bear weighing in at 420 lbs (40KB)
  • Beautiful blonde Pope & Young Black Bear taken by Roger Davis (59KB)
  • Another blonde colored Black Bear at 6'6" taken by Steve Griffin (56KB)
  • Dave Riccardi with his blonde colored Black Bear at 6'6" (58KB)
  • A giant Black Bear with 20 4/8" skull and 7'3" harvested by Dave Adaman (47KB)

Black Bear Spring and Fall 1999

  • Frank Klopp with his 400lb. 7'4" Black Bear with 19 3/4" skull (73KB)
  • Another 400lb. Black Bear 7'4" taken by Dave Newcomb (68KB)
  • Dave Dyer with his 20" Pope and Young Black Bear (63KB)
  • A 450lb Black Bear measuring 7'8" with 20" skull taken by Ken Vaught (60KB)
  • Two beautifully colored Black Bears harvested by Ray and Jeremy Scott (69KB)
  • A nice 6'8" Peace River Black Bear taken by Bill Bray (50KB)
  • Great Black Bear - 7'6" with 19 7/8" skull measurements taken with a bow (55KB)

Fall Black Bear 1998

  • Randall Pierce with a 7'6" Black Bear (56KB) taken with a mussel loader
  • Mike Ravis and Rick McDaniel with two Black Bears (48KB) measuring 7'
  • Joe Barno with a tremendous Black Bear (37KB) - 7'8" at 550lbs
  • Steve Napier with a 6'6" chocolate brown colored Black bear (57KB)
  • Mike Ravis with a 450lb 7' Black Bear (43KB)

Spring Black Bear 1998

  • Dave Newcomb with his 7'10" - 500lb Black Bear (50KB) (20 5/8" skull)
  • Joe Simpson with a beautiful 6'3" Black Bear (58KB)
  • Gerry Laton's 475lb - 7'8" Black Bear (60KB)
  • George McManus and his 7' Black Bear (60KB) with 20" skull
  • David Adrus with a 7'2" Black Bear (64KB)
  • A busy night, our 4th Black Bear (62KB) hunt
  • Anthony Allen and a beautifull 6'6" cinammon colored Black Bear (68KB)

Spring Black Bear for 1997

  • Ben Hanchey with a 7' 350lb boar black bear. (19 3/4"skull) (40KB)
  • Ken (Big Bear) Faith with a tremendous 500lb giant black bear . A length of 7'10" with a skull dimension of 20 and 13/16". (41KB)
  • Oliver Fischer collected a 7'6" brown colored black bear weighting in at 465lb. (19 3/4" skull) (45KB)
  • John Sturdivant with a beautiful 7'2" black bear. (49KB)
  • Carroll Sturdivant's black bear was also 7'2". (54KB)
  • Guide Bowen Dolhan with Gary Lemke's giant black bear weighting in at 450lbs and 7'6" in length. (48KB)
  • Frank Osmulski took this 7' black bear with a well placed arrow. (53KB)
  • Joe Osmulski with his Pope and Young black bear of 7'3". (51KB)
  • Paul Zema with his 460lb black bear with a length of 7'5". (48KB)

A Small Sample of Bearpaw Black Bear's

  • Krae Morgan with his 19", 7'2" - 400lb Black Bear. (51KB)
  • Larry Osman & Joel Burgess with a Great Pair of Colored Bears. (68KB)
  • Tony Morris with his 7'4" Black Bear. ( 20" Skull ) (44KB)
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