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Bearpaw Outfitting Trophy Mule Deer

Bearpaw Outfitting Trophy White-tailed Deer

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Bearpaw Outfitting Trophy Mule Deer

Bearpaw Outfitting Trophy Whitetails

Bearpaw Outfitting has a long standing reputation as a trophy producing outfit. A maximum effort on the part of myself and our staff are guaranteed to all our clients.

Bearpaw hunting guides & outfitters provide Alberta hunting opportunities for trophy big game hunting including white-tailed deer, mule deer, black bear, moose and elk in wilderness areas around Peace River, Alberta, Canada. Experienced guides provide rifle hunting, bow hunting and black powder hunts for Boone & Crockett trophies.

Guaranteeing a trophy, however, is another thing. Until we are able to control the weather, your physical condition and your shooting ability, all we are able to do is give you 100% effort.

Our repeat client rate of 83% is a tribute to the effort and integrity of our operation.

Peace River is situated on the edge of Alberta's wilderness. Wildlife is abundant with a large variety of species. The scenery in the river valleys here in the spring and fall is absolutely breath taking.

So come and join us for the hunting experience of a lifetime!

Scott Taylor - Bearpaw Outfitting Alberta Canada

Book Your Next Hunt with Bearpaw Outfitting!

Please fill out the Hunter Package (2.22MB pdf) and mail to us with your deposit. Please note that "double postage" will be required to send this from the United States to Canada.  If you have any questions, you can contact us at 780-624-4400.  We would really appreciate you letting us know how you found out about Bearpaw Outfitting. Thanks.

More Information for Clients
"Need driving directions from Edmonton to the lodge?" "Click here for Google map and written directions."

Bringing Firearms Into Canada

For a Non-Resident to bring Firearms into Canada, these forms/files will help you.  Please note that you must NOT sign the form until in the presence of a customs officer and there is a charge of $25.00 to them.  Also note that if you are bringing in more than 3 firearms, then you will need form 5590/CAFC 910.

Forms for Firearms Entering Canada

Hunting Dates and Fees

Whitetail - Only 4 openings available in 2014!
November 1st – 10th
November 11th – 20th
November 21st – 30th
$7500.00 USD plus license and tax for 9 days of hunting

Mule Deer Archery - 2 openings available in 2014
The date of this hunt is August 25–September 3, September 4th–16th, 2014
$7500.00 USD plus license and tax for 9 days of hunting

Rifle Mule Deer - Booked for 2014
6 openings available in 2015
$8500.00 USD plus license and tax for 7 days hunting

Moose - 2 openings available for 2014!
From September 23 to October 1st
From November 1st through 10th
$6500.00 USD plus license and tax for 9 days hunting

Elk - 2 openings in 2014
Dates are September 17th –23rd and September 24th–October 2nd
Price is $6500.00 USD for 2 on 1 plus license and tax - 9 days of hunting

Spring and Fall Black Bear - 2014!
$4200.00 USD plus license and tax for 2 bears - 6 days of hunting

Updated hunting reports on our client success for 2013

Hunting Success for White-tailed Deer - 2013
Hunting Success for Rifle Mule Deer - 2013
Hunting Success for Archery Combination - 2013
Hunting Success for Elk - 2013
Hunting Success for Black Bear - 2013
Hunting Success for Moose - 2013
Hunting Success for Wolf - 2012

Hunting Summary for 2013

"Scott and Sheila New Zealand - March 2010"
"Check out Scott and Sheila in Africa"

Because you matter, we have arranged for discounted rates for your travel.  So, when booking your hotel rooms hotels listed if you need to overnight in Edmonton, mention 'Bearpaw Outfitting' and you should get the discounted rate.

Scott Taylor
Box 3002
St. Isidore, Alberta, T0H 3BO Canada
Telephone 780-624-4400

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